RV Cleaner & Degreaser

DE-1000 is a RV cleaner and degreaser that works hard to remove dirt, sap, streaks and grime from your RV rig. It uses the natural cleaning power of citrus to break down the toughest stains leaving only a fresh scent. Clean as the day the person you bought it from, bought it.

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 Image of DE-1000 - All Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser

DE-1000 - All Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser


The preferred brand of professionals for over 40 years, DE-1000, removes dirt, stains, sap, streaks and grime from your Camper or RV rig. Inside and out. So whether you have a coach, pop-up or anything in between… 
DE-1000 is everything you need to keep it clean.

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Exterior Cleaning

Whether you prefer pressure washer or brush application.
Let DE-1000 set your Motorhome or RV rig free from dirt, marks, stains or black streaks.

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Easy to Use

Dilute DE-1000 as needed and simply...

Spray, brush or mop on surface.
Wait a moment
Wipe or rinse clean with water

Don't take our word for it...

"We use (DE-1000) to clean our food waste bins. We have tried many different cleaners in the past and DE-1000 was the best solution we found to get the job done. It does a great job removing grease and food waste from our bins without having to use solvents or any other nasty products."

Dan B.

Agri-Cycle • Scarborough, ME
We have not found another product that can literally clean everything and anything. We have cleaned Cars, Boats, RV's, Jet Skis, Carpets, Crayons, Pet Hair, Unpleasant Odors, New Vehicles & Old Vehicles.... DE-1000 cleaned them all. DE is biodegradable, won't streak and has a great citrus smell, so my employees and customers love the final results!"

Joe K.

Ultimate Car Care • Portland, ME
"We use DE-1000 everyday to maintain our growing inventory of New and Used RV's. DE-1000 is the best product for taking rust and black streaks off the trailers in a short amount of time. "

Katy B.

Lee's Family Trailer Sales & Service • Windham, ME

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