Garage Cleaner & Degreaser

DE-1000 is an all-purpose garage cleaner and degreaser that works hard to remove streaks and grime. It uses the natural cleaning power of citrus to break down the toughest exterior & interior build up leaving a shining finish and a fresh scent. Keep your garage as clean as the day you moved in!


Garage Cleaning Applications

From auto-shop garages to private home garages, DE-1000's all-natural citrus-based formula is perfect for cleaning and degreasing garage surfaces. A clean workspace is a productive workspace. Keep yours spotless with DE-1000. Professionals have been using DE-1000 in their shops for over 35 years, and there's no reason you can't. One gallon of DE-1000 makes up to thirty gallons of cleaner.

Garage Door Cleaner
Workspace Cleaner
Tool Cleaner
Tractor Cleaner
Vehicle Cleaner

Garbage Can Cleaner
Recycling Bin Cleaner
Floor Cleaner
Shelf Cleaner
Counter Cleaner


Simply dilute DE-100 as needed, and…

Spray or brush on surface

Wait a moment

Wipe or rinse clean with water

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