Bike Cleaner & Degreaser

DE-1000 is an all-purpose bike cleaner and degreaser that works hard to remove streaks and grime. It uses the natural cleaning power of citrus to break down the toughest exterior build up leaving a shining finish and a fresh scent. Keep your bike as clean as the day you bought it!


Bike Cleaning Applications

From mountain bikes to road bikes, DE-1000's all-natural citrus-based formula is perfect for cleaning and degreasing bike parts. Need to remove mud from your frame or rust from your chain? DE-1000 can be used to keep every inch of your bike clean. One gallon of DE-1000 makes up to thirty gallons of cleaner.

Frame Cleaner
Saddle Cleaner
Seat Post Cleaner
Spoke Cleaner
Tire Cleaner

Chainring Cleaner
Down Tubes Cleaner
Seat Post Cleaner
Top Tube Cleaner
Brake Lever Cleaner


Simply dilute DE-100 as needed, and…

Spray or brush on surface

Wait a moment

Wipe or rinse clean with water

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